Modus operandi of Rigging

The modus operandi seems to be that VCI prepared electoral roll and submitted to the Govt. of India and the Govt. of India appointed Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officers to conduct the elections. The Returning Officer sent the ballot papers to the electors to their respective addresses under Certificate of Posting as mentioned in the electoral roll. Since the postal addresses were not updated by the VCI in the electoral roll since years, most of the ballot papers were not delivered to the electors and were returned as undelivered post. Some of the contestants knew pretty well that as there are no specimen signatures available with the Returning Officer to cross verify the correctness of signatures of electors, they might managed the authorities at Quarantine Station, New Delhi and the authorities at Post Office, Kapashera, New Delhi in grabbing thousands of undelivered ballot papers or made colour Xerox copies of Ballot Papers. After grabbing the undelivered ballot papers/ by making the colour Xerox copies of the ballot papers, these contestants filled the declaration papers with the details available on the outer cover of the dispatched/undelivered Ballot Paper and simply attested some (fake) signature, which is not at all relevant or even coincide macroscopically with the original signature of the elector. Then they assembled in some Hotels in New Delhi and shared the votes among themselves (i.e. every voter has to vote for 11 candidates. If a contestant grabs one Ballot Paper, he will share votes with another 10 candidates on a single Ballot Paper. Ultimately he gets 11 votes with a single Ballot Paper by sharing with other 10 candidates), sealed the covers and posted in various post boxes in New Delhi and also sent through courier and speed-post service from New Delhi itself. All the information, except signature of the elector, required to fill the declaration paper (Form III) was available on the outer cover of the dispatched/undelivered ballot paper cover sent by the Returning Officer, which made their task easy to carry out the rigging of votes successfully.