About VCI Elections

Veterinary Council of India is a statutory body of Govt. of India established under the Indian Veterinary Act 1984, Dt.18.08.1984 to regulate veterinary practice and for maintenance of registers of the veterinary practitioners and for the matters connected therewith. The VCI consists of 27 members, out of which 12 members are nominated by Central Government (5 members from amongst Director of Animal Husbandry of different States, 4 members from amongst the heads of Veterinary Institutions in the different States, 1 member from amongst the Presidents of the State Veterinary Councils, 1 member from amongst the Presidents of the State Veterinary Associations of the States and 1 member representing the DAHDF of Central Government ); one member each nominated by Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Indian Veterinary Association; 2 members (the Animal Husbandry Commissioner, GOI and the Secretary,VCI )are ex officio and 11 members are elected by the registered veterinary practitioners of the country.

The Election for the 11 members to be conducted by the Government of India once in 3 years through postal ballot in accordance with the Indian Veterinary Council (IVC) Act 1984 and Indian Veterinary Council (IVC) Rules 1985.

The last election for electing 11 members was held in November,2009 and the next election is due in February,2014.